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Tom Mc Carthy

““I signed up to Trading Signal Labs in November 2017. I am loving it because they have a live portfolio and I can follow all the trades.” It feelsvery transparent. I also liked the online support I got when I signed up. I received a manual, videos and a trade calculator which made placing the trades so much easier. I am a complete learner so I traded a demo account for a month and learnt so much. I am now trading a live portfolio at the time of writing this I’ve made a 5% return after my fist week which is amazing. So I’m well on my way and excited. I’ve made a decision to compound my returns for 5 years and hopefully become financially independent.”
Tom Mc Carthy Jan 22nd 2017

David Malone

“One thing I really liked was the approach to risk management – keeping trades to a defined risk plan. Great support and really happy. He decided to prove this to me by opening a new account and sharing the results. Its amazing to see the gains every month so far. I’m now introducing my friends because I’m doing them a great favour by enabling them to achieve great returns. It’s impossible for people new to trading to do this without professional guidance. This is what makes it so exciting.”
David Malone Jan 12th 2018

Pat Murphy

“I am skeptical with anything on the Internet but this site was a find. The trading app along with the calculator makes trading so much simpler. I was able to follow his LIVE portfolio and see his trades progress on a live platform. This is one of a kind. As a beginner I read the TSL Manual, watched the Training Video and got to understand the TSL Trade Calculator. I then practised on
the demo platform with €10k, following TSL trades each day. This was a great learning platform and got me to the stage of understanding trades. The TSL strategy is to always manage risk with an Experienced Risk Management System. So far its working. I am in this for the long term … thanks Kieran for all your help. ”
Pat Murphy Jan 4th 2017

Mark Brewer

“Trading signal labs is an excellent opportunity to learn how successful spreadtraders make money from financial markets. I find the trading approach a very rewarding and timely way to learn how to time, size and execute spreadbets. A disciplined approach to position risk, ensures your trading capitalis not over stretched”. – Mark Brewer 13th Jan 2018

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