TSL’s 5-day Challenge

I have found that the best way to get started is for you to take the 5-day challenge.

During these 5-days, you will download the Trading Signal Labs Trading App on your phone and open a live demo (no risk) trading account. You will also learn all about how to interpret signals and execute trades.

I will mentor you fully on becoming a consistent trader and you can follow my own personal live trading account which trades real money. That is what differentiates Trading Signal Labs from everyone else.

Every day for the first 5 days, I will send you a mail with each of the challenges listed below. So simply register today.

 Day 1

Sign up for Trading Signal Labs Free Trial and Download the Trading Alert App on your Phone / Desktop

 Day 2

You will open a demo trading account online. By opening a demo trading account, you will practice executing trades with no risk whatsoever. This is where you will learn the most.

 Day 3

You will watch a 50 minute tutorial video on how to interpret the signals your receive on the TSL Alert App and how to place the trades demo trading account. This video is accompanied by a training manual and also a trade calculator to calculate your trade size. So useful if you are a beginner.

 Day 4

By day 4, you will start practicing on the demo account. It will take approx. 2 weeks (as a beginner) to get familiar with the trade alerts and place your own trades with the proper risk management trade size.

 Day 5

You will finish  the 5-day challenge by watching the video on Compounding and Risk Management. Becoming a successful trader is all about discipline  and compounding your gains.

Start your 5 -Day Challenge