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Weekly Update Feb 16th 2018

Portfolio up 50.61% in Feb 

(+94.38% in total) 

Journey to grow €10,000 into €1,000,000 by obtaining an average compounded monthly return of 8% per month for 60 months

Welcome to my first attempt at designing a weekly email template as we take this 60 month challenge together.

I am trying to display simple information at the top of the mail with additional information at the bottom. I don’t think that its useful if I simply state that the portfolio is up 94.38%, so I think it is best to show the profit or loss in the month. That way, it means that people can see what they could of returned in the current month in the managed fund.

February has been phenomenal with the portfolio gaining 50% in Feb alone. I am being asked why ? The reason is that we had a unique opportunity whereby the FTSE and DAX opened up 5% below the close the evening before. This is a very significant opportunity for any day trader as the market is in a state of imbalance and the market needs to fill the gap from the previous day. I just took advantage of that. So that’s why February is an extra ordinary month.

I have a good few people now participating in the regulated managed fund. The actually results displayed above is the actual results that every member obtains.

I am looking how I develop the Level 1 signals channel so that we can keep track of the returns on that channel also. Obviously it wont have the same returns as if the managed fund as there are more experienced trades executed in the managed fund. I am open to suggestions how we monitor the returns in the Level 1 signals. Maybe if I open a €10k demo account and we trade that based on all the Level 1 signals.

I will end my weekly email with the chart below. The chart displays the information that shows the monthly returns with some other information such as max drawdown to date, current rate of monthly compounding (please note that 24.8% is NOT sustainable and we are looking for an average of 8% … but i will take the bonus when we can take it!!).

So here’s to hopefully another good week trading.



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